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  • The beneficiary does not has the right to transfer his/her pension to any other person

  • The pension of the deceased pensioner is distributed equally between the beneficiaries.

  • To benefit from PPA services, sign up on the PPA portal.

  • The pension is an entitlement insured by PPA and it is not a heritage.

  • Pensionable services is the actual completed years of service in governmental position.

  • Now, you can print pension statement letter online.

  • **NEW** the auto reply service has been launched "toll free 8001248889".

  • The pension is ceased if the pensioner appointed in a governmental position.

  • The pension of a female who was an employee in the government is guaranteed even if her husband is an employee or a pensioner.

  • Any change in the status of beneficiaries should be reported to PPA.

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It is every employee working for the governmental or military sector meeting the conditions of being subject to civil and military pension schemes and whose retirement subscription is paid regularly in the account of retirement fund.
(Civil / Military) pension scheme has been keen on the benefit of state employees from the retirement pension and extend the pension coverage to include all terms spent by a subscriber under regulations and conditions of flexible and clear nature including:
    • In case of employment moving between public and private sectors, a subscriber can include the service terms as per the provisions of BTA so that the subscriber can eventually receive the highest value of pension. This aims to exchange experiences between the public and private sectors in addition to increasing the Saudization rates in private sector.
    • It is optional for a subscriber to apply to include the subscription terms as it is up to a subscriber to apply for inclusion or refrain from the same.
    • A subscriber with a pervious calculated service, for the purpose of pension, and was previously compensated for the same may apply to include the same during the first year of returning to work again saving that such subscriber shall return the compensation amount for the previous service either in lump sum or in monthly installments.
    • A subscriber is entitled to request the inclusion of secondment term to the actual service terms as per the regulations and conditions stipulated in the pension scheme and the affiliated entity of the seconded person shall provide the PPA with the required documents.
e- Services:
 PPA launched on its portal a set of e-Services Packages for a subscriber in order to facilitate the procedures of processing a subscriber’s transactions and follow up with the same through modern means without the need for reference to the PPA headquarter. Each of such services is accompanied with a detailed description of use method and the procedures to be followed in order to facilitate making a good use of such services and deal with them accurately and easily. For more information about the e-Services provided to a subscriber, kindly, click here.
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