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  • The pension of the deceased pensioner is distributed equally between the beneficiaries.

  • The pension is an entitlement insured by PPA and it is not a heritage.

  • The pension is ceased if the pensioner appointed in a governmental position.

  • To benefit from PPA services, sign up on the PPA portal.

  • Any change in the status of beneficiaries should be reported to PPA.

  • Pensionable services is the actual completed years of service in governmental position.

  • Now, you can print pension statement letter online.

  • The pension of a female who was an employee in the government is guaranteed even if her husband is an employee or a pensioner.

  • The beneficiary does not has the right to transfer his/her pension to any other person

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 Pensioner’s Beneficiaries

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 In case of the pensioner’s death, the pensioner’s beneficiaries shall be entitled to receive an equal pension to be distributed to them equally if they are three or more. If the pensioner’s beneficiaries are two, they are entitled to receive 75 % of the pension and if there is one beneficiary of the pensioner, such single beneficiary shall be entitled to receive 50 % of the pension.
  • Beneficiaries of the pensioner are: spouse, mother, father, son, daughter, grandson and granddaughter whose father died when the pensioner was alive, brother, sister, grandfather and grandmother. Except for spouse, son and daughter, the beneficiary person shall be dependent in terms of sustenance upon the pensioner upon the latter’s death.
  • The pension due to sons, grandsons and brothers, shall be stopped when they are twenty one. However, pension shall continue for entitled beneficiaries in the following cases: 
      1. If the entitled beneficiary is a student in a secondary or high school or a recognized equivalent school provided that the student must be studying regularly. Accordingly, the pension shall be paid to such entitled beneficiary until the beneficiary is twenty six old or until the beneficiary’s graduation, whichever comes first.
      2. In case the beneficiary suffers a complete deficit preventing from earning living saving that the same shall be under a resolution made by the concerned medical authority until the beneficiary recovers. 
  • As of the date of marriage contract, the pension of the wife, daughter and niece if they get married and the mother if gets married to other than the deceased’s father saving that the entitlement shall be returned to her if divorced or widowed. If the entitled wife was married at the time of the pensioner’s death, pension shall be redistributed supposing her entitlement at the time of death.
  • Pension shall be stopped being paid to the pensioner or to the entitled beneficiaries if appointed in public sector or if they were appointed in public sector at the time of the pensioner’s death saving that the employee’s salary shall be equivalent to the pension or exceeding the same. However, if such salary is less than the pension, the difference shall be paid to the entitled.
  • If the share of any beneficiary is nullified or stopped due to any reason, it shall not be paid to the other beneficiaries saving that the share of any remaining beneficiary in all cases shall not be less than (50 %) of the pensioner’s pension. If such share is less than the same, the remaining beneficiaries shall be paid to the extent of such percentage and to be distributed to them equally. However, in case the stopped share is to be paid again, pension shall be distributed to the entitled beneficiaries as if such share was never stopped. 
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