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  • Now, you can print pension statement letter online.

  • Pensionable services is the actual completed years of service in governmental position.

  • Any change in the status of beneficiaries should be reported to PPA.

  • The pension of a female who was an employee in the government is guaranteed even if her husband is an employee or a pensioner.

  • The pension of the deceased pensioner is distributed equally between the beneficiaries.

  • The pension is an entitlement insured by PPA and it is not a heritage.

  • **NEW** the auto reply service has been launched "toll free 8001248889".

  • The beneficiary does not has the right to transfer his/her pension to any other person

  • To benefit from PPA services, sign up on the PPA portal.

  • The pension is ceased if the pensioner appointed in a governmental position.

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