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  • Any change in the status of beneficiaries should be reported to PPA.

  • The pension of the deceased pensioner is distributed equally between the beneficiaries.

  • Pensionable services is the actual completed years of service in governmental position.

  • To benefit from PPA services, sign up on the PPA portal.

  • The pension is ceased if the pensioner appointed in a governmental position.

  • The pension is an entitlement insured by PPA and it is not a heritage.

  • The pension of a female who was an employee in the government is guaranteed even if her husband is an employee or a pensioner.

  • **NEW** the auto reply service has been launched "toll free 8001248889".

  • The beneficiary does not has the right to transfer his/her pension to any other person

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12/10/2017 AD

 425 civil government entities have completed the registration process in the individual data portal

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Public Pension Agency stated that 425 civil government entities have completed the registration process in the individual data portal, where they monthly upload detailed data to their employees on the portal dedicated to this service.
The official spokesman of PPA Fahad Abdullah Al Saleh said that PPA implemented the Supreme Order No. 41992 dated 11/10/1435 which indicates that the government entities (civil and military) have to provide PPA with data on individual accounts of its active employees.
PPA targeted in the first phase the civil government entities. It has completed registration process for 425 entities which represent 99% of the total number of civil entities.  Al Saleh pointed out that the work started during the current month in the second phase of registration, which includes the military sectors, where 9 entities have initiated the registration so far.
Al Saleh added that the individual data project is one of the initiatives of PPA within its strategy 2022, which coincides with the National Transition Program 2020 and the vision of the Kingdom 2030.
It is worth mentioning that PPA has launched an electronic portal that allows all government entities to register and upload their employees' data in a simple way, without the need for traditional channels. In addition, a specialized team carries out field visits to the government entities to facilitate and eliminate any obstacles facing the registration process. The government institutions in GCC countries can also benefit from the portal to upload the data of its Saudi citizen employees under The Unified Law of Insurance Protection Extension to citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
Al Saleh explained that PPA is seeking to complete the construction of a database for subscribers to serve the participants and employers. The project aims at launching awareness programs for participants to enhance the role of planning for retirement, enhancing channels of communication with subscribers and speeding up the retirement process after retirement. In addition, PPA provides Information such as the printing of the CV, the pension calculation and other services that will be announced by PPA after the completion of the individual data and open access to the beneficiaries.
Al Saleh added that the project aims at improving the performance of PPA and building its future plans, which will enable it to achieve its aims as well as to benefit the active and retired participants. The individual data project also aims at determining the amount of monthly pension contributions, providing accurate information for the purpose of actuarial studies and facilitating the procedures of retirement.
On this occasion, PPA extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to all entities who initiated the registration and upload data on a monthly basis. It also urges the rest of entities to speed up registration in the portal through the link:  and start to upload data, which contributes to the common interest and the development of services provided by PPA to participants, pensioners and employers. For further information please contact PPA through e-mail address: ( ).
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